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ANNIE VANDERMEER : Designer / Writer / Narrative

(a.k.a. Murderblonde)

Work Experience


Linx Agency

May 2022 - present

Various Projects

Narrative / Writer / Game Design Consultant

  • Lead a writers room responsible for helping an indie team create a backstory, characters, demo writing, and theme consistent with the team’s existing prototype and tone requirements

  • Wrote extensive barkstrings and chatter for enemies and NPCs in an upcoming AAA title for a well-known IP

  • Assisted in the development of an on-retainer writer’s room for a popular AAA multiplayer title

  • Consulting with a small film group on the development of an ARG/scavenger hunt in downtown New York City


Tiny Bull Studios

March 2022 - present

Unannounced Project (consoles)

Lead Writer

  • Developed voices of all main and secondary characters from existing narrative briefs

  • Wrote all golden path dialogue and some secondary dialogue, and edited all other text to keep consistent tone

  • Worked closely with Narrative Lead to develop aspects of the game’s setting, such as history and culture

  • Played builds and provided detailed feedback to team about narrative, combat, level design, and UI


Tiamat Collective

September 2019 - present

Internal Projects

Founder /  Project Lead

  • Founded company to support contracting work and personal creative endeavors as well as those of colleagues

  • hue: a game about a choice (PC, 2023): Wrote, designed, scripted, and did all art for visual novel game crafted through the RenPy engine

  • The Passenger (PC, 2020): Wrote, designed, scripted, and did all art for adventure/visual novel game crafted through the RenPy engine


Digimancy Entertainment

August 2022 - January 2024

Various Internal & Co-Development Projects

Narrative Lead

  • Developed and maintained a core Game Design document and helped create the pitch demo for a new IP

  • Coordinated with co-development partners on developing narrative, content, and system design

  • Assessed multiple different toolsets for suitability for projects for AAA studio co-developer

  • Crafted and assisted in refinement of pitches for multiple projects, both third-party and new internal IPs

  • Advised in staffing for new projects, including recommendations for job candidates and contractors

Screenshot 2022-11-21 134738.png

Magic DAYW

May - July 2022

Unannounced Project (Mobile)

Narrative & Game Design Consultant

  • Extensively reviewed and commented on original project designs, and wrote up thorough design overview and advised project direction

  • Revamped structure for design documentation and highlighted needed work for further refinement

  • Created or reworked core systems, including a model for asynchronous multiplayer dialogue interactions

  • Crafted extensive visual models of design features to demonstrate proposed look and flow



2009 - 2013, Dec 2019 - April 2022

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

Senior Content Designer

  • Spearheaded design and feature proposals for Arborstone, the game’s hub, and collaborated on implementation

  • Created open-world content, including events, activities, mini-dungeons, and base spawns

  • Worked with narrative and other design departments to create new lore and compelling continuations of past fiction


Guild Wars 2

Content Designer / Senior Content Designer

  • Living World Season 5, Dec 2019 – May 2020: Collaborated with content and narrative designers to shape instanced and open-world storytelling, built content for both quests and multiplayer activities

  • Design Principal, Jan-Feb 2013 Living World team: Outlined design tasks, created and implemented content, acted as point of contact for all team design issues, helped set standards for future Living World story content

  • Personal Story team, 2009-2012: Worked with team  to shape personal story throughout game, and with design partner on developing cohesive flow and theme throughout our assigned “chapter”

  • Crafted quest instances, implemented combat and player interactions, wrote first drafts of dialogue, tested and polished with additional audio and music cues, shot and implemented cutscenes

  • Collaborated with writers to develop and expand world lore, and document extensively on the internal wiki/Confluence



March 2021 - May 2021


Just Cause Mobile

Narrative Designer (Contract)

  • Helped reshape missions from rough formats into streamlined ones, altering tone as needed while keeping flow intact

  • Wrote over 50K words, including mission text and character dialogue


Witch Beam

August 2019 - March 2020



Narrative Designer (Contract)

  • Worked with core team to write a master Narrative Doc as a guide for the game structure

  • Built and iterated upon lists and visual mockups of plot-based items to fill game spaces, including use and placement


System Era

January 2018 - October 2019



Content Designer

  • Created focused content to expand player-world interaction and utilized procedural probability system for placement

  • Balanced and implemented multiple new systems (Research Items, Scrap, Puzzles) and updated others (Hazards)

  • Developed new ways to create player experiences, such as the directed gameplay system (the “Wanderer” update)


DoubleBear Productions

2009 - 2019


PANIC! Series

Writer/Designer, Art Lead, Project Lead

  • Worked with creative lead to create original IP, including determining tone, systems, and art style

  • PANIC in the Multiverse! (Unreleased): Worked with lead designer to develop game systems and content; wrote lore and cutscenes; directed artists in creating original artwork, including pixel art/animations and 2D/UI art

  • PANIC at Multiverse High!: Wrote majority of original story and text; adapted IP to new game format; structured and scripted entire game; adapted art for setting; compiled and released all game builds


Dead State

Senior Writer / Designer

  • Created new IP with project lead, and developed game systems, content, backstories, UI style, character design turnarounds, item text, and character dialogues

  • Designed and implemented levels, balanced item stats, managed loot placement, and character skills

Additional Responsibilities

  • Helped with Dead State Kickstarter campaign and fulfilment, including writing “Making Of” book and print manual

  • Headhunted and interviewed potential talent, crafted interview questions and tests for artists and designers


Fantasy Flight

2016 - 2021

Multiple Projects

Contract Writer, Narrative Design

  • Wrote multiple short stories for several IPs, including Legend of the Five Rings, Arkham Horror, and Twilight Imperium

  • Legacy of Dragonholt: wrote 30K+ words for new print product launch with classic IP, introduced creative team to Twine



2013 - 2014


Game Designer

  • Developed public events, populating game areas with them as well as combat encounters, lore drops, and harvest nodes

  • Coordinated with writing team on event dialogues, wrote roughs for all public events, patrols, and over 50 lore entries


Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir

Designer, Lead Writer

  • Crafted and implemented Party Conversation System mechanic

  • Structured, edited, and wrote majority of text; created multiple areas; developed new loot system


Other Titles

Writer / Designer / Production Design Assistant

  • Alpha Protocol: Organized writing tasks, worked on multiple characters, and created all emails/dossiers/news/banter

  • Aliens RPG: Wrote dialogue for several major characters, & gave design input on levels and boss encounters

  • Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer: created dozens of specialty items, and wrote epic-level descriptions

  • Neverwinter Nights 2: Created all items/weapons/armor, aided in level testing and bug-fixing for item models

  • Multiple projects: worked with lead writers and designer to cast/perform/direct voice-over performances


Papaya Studio

2004 - 2005


Taxi Driver (Unreleased)

Writer, Designer

  • Wrote overall story, majority of cutscenes, and in-game banter, and collaborated with audio on sound design


Macalester College

1999 - 2003

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Literature

  • Graduated with honors

  • Specialized in Contemporary Literature with a focus on genre fiction (sci-fi and fantasy)


  • Working knowledge of multiple 3D toolsets, both proprietary and common use

  • Experience with both visual and text scripting, including UE Blueprints, RenPy, and Twine

  • Familiar with development tools such as Confluence, One Note, JIRA, Perforce, Trello, Slack, and Teams

  • Co-host & editor of the show, which utilizes, and Adobe Photoshop / Audition / After Effects / Premiere

  • Extensive VO experience including drafting character sides, selecting takes, casting, directing actors, and performing

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