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ANNIE VANDERMEER : Designer / Writer / Narrative

(a.k.a. Murderblonde)


(Real-World, Drama)

A Persona-style Social Link - learning from a former

tennis star gives lessons for both student and teacher.

(Fantasy, Horror)

A trio of people are caught by a terrible curse... but is it - and are they - really what they seem?

(Post-Apocalyptic, Horror)

In the post-apocalyptic, zombie-strewn wasteland of central Texas, a scavenging party comes across a scared young woman with a gun.

(Real-World, Thriller, Dark Humor)

A small-town murder brings out a pair of federal agents, but their questioning seems to hit a wall...

(Real-World, Romance)

A reluctant tourist is dragged to a boring location and instead finds a handsome surprise.

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