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ANNIE VANDERMEER : Designer / Writer / Narrative

(a.k.a. Murderblonde)


(Inspired by work for Legend of the Five Rings)

The son of a leader learns a lesson even

his tutor had not foreseen.

(Inspired by spec work for Industries of Titan)

The true cause of the greatest catastrophe ever known is far closer to home than we imagined.

(Inspired by work for Guild Wars 2)

The Tribunes of the Ash Legion get a visit from a mysterious stranger who is more than she seems.

A soldier on leave from the war tries to get a drink

and faces some unique problems.

(Inspired by spec work for Arkham Horror)

A confrontation in the woods leads to revelations both horrific and chilling.

A pair of hooligans waiting for a safecracker air

some grievances (and have a snack).

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